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Sex Tips From Mel B!

Posted in Tips by makelargps on November 22, 2009

Personnel Spice Girls, Melanie Brown, aka Mel B share tips for women who do not get satisfaction during lovemaking. Mel B who claimed his sex life with her husband satisfactory, recommend every woman to have a vibrator.

Personnel Spice Girls, Melanie Brown, aka Mel B share tips for women who do not get satisfaction during lovemaking. Tips are expressed after he knew that based on studies of 75 per cent of women can not orgasm during sex with their partner.

“That’s very surprising because I think I have a good sex life is very important,” she told Closer magazine, as detikhot quotes from The Sun, Tuesday (9/6/2009).

“My advice, every woman must have sex toy to fulfill the needs of their beds. I myself use a vibrator,” she continued giving tips.

Still, he added Mel B, if it had be satisfied with a partner, sex toy does not need to be used again. For his example, he always felt had a good sex with her husband, Stephen Belafonte.

“I’m not sure what it is because we are the same age. But then we both have a high libido,” he explained.

The Scary Spice is then given advice on how to create a comfortable atmosphere for lovemaking. One suggestion is to create an atmosphere to serileks possible.

“I usually light a candle in the bath while listening to music. Then I wore a very sexy lingerie. Make sure there are no distractions,” he explained.


Doll Cleaning Tips

Posted in Tips, Toys Article by makelargps on November 19, 2009

Little likes to play with dolls? Be careful, without good care of these cute little dolls can actually be a source of disease. The surface is smooth and soft, easy to absorb dust and moisture so if a cool hiding place for bacteria.

Here are tips to clean and care for your child’s favorite doll without breaking;

1. If the doll is only dusty, simply wiped with a cloth soaked in warm water has or cleaned by using tape. Stick the tape on the part of the dusty and loose back selotifnya.

2. Not all dolls can be washed in the washing machine. So should see dilabelnya and follow the instructions. If they can be washed with a washing machine, there are things that must be considered;
– Make sure the doll is not torn, if torn stitches first.
– If stained, diterjen put on it and let some time before the wash.
– If the doll being washed with other laundry (clothes) in the doll should enter into a pillowcase and the slowest speed.
– Do not dry in the dryer just in case padding is a doll that can shrink material.

3. How to manually wash the doll; detergent dissolved in water and enter a doll that had been previously soaked, leave a few minutes, I checked and cleaned.

4. Hanging doll should not directly under the sun because it can diminish the color.

5. wash and dry finish, comb the doll’s hair with a comb.

6. for old dolls and fluffy; enter in a paper bag puppets and put baking soda. Shook up flat baking soda in the doll. Allow about half an hour and then wash using a towel.

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