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Huffy Green Machine is The best boys’ outdoor toy we’ve bought so far

Posted in huffy machine by makelargps on December 6, 2009

This update of the old Big Wheel style “Huffy Green Machine” is made to handle the height, weight and wear and tear of big boys (and girls, up to the latter 30s have even been caught on it), yet the seat is easily adjusted so that the average 5-year-old can reach its pedals. The main cool feature of green machine is the dual lever steering. Just like with the original hollow model plastic version, pulling on the steering levers in opposite directions sends the machine into a wicked spin-out that kids just can’t get enough of. Yet under the usage of some pretty crazy 6, 9 and 12 year olds on a steep downhill driveway, the machine has almost always remained three wheels on the ground.

So first, I am amazed at the staying play value of this huffy machine toy. For two years now, it has been the first toy out of the garage every time the door opens. And second, I am amazed at its durability. The 9 year old who uses it reguarly is an Evel Kneivel who is notorious for breaking my children’s toys left and right, and so far, it has held up without a squeak.

This was a million times better value for our hundred spot, than the darn motorized motorcycle we bought a couple years prior for twice that amount which only lasted a year before the gears stripped. Definitely consider this for your 5-10 year old boy, even if he already has a two-wheeler. It’s a whole different kind of fun.