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Posted in nerf raider by makelargps on December 21, 2009

This is the best nerf gun ever!It’s like the vulcan but much much better 1. it’s a lot less heavier which means you can actually carry it into battle(without difficulty). 2. it hardly ever jams. 3. it has a lot more dart capacity.Also you can put the magazine into other guns like the recon and longshot and it seems like the magazine improves the guns range!If you are an extreme nerfer you need this gun!!!!!!!!

Ok, I was very much excited about this Nerf blaster.
Pump-action: much better than previous designs, closer to either a bolt action or the slide on an semi-automatic pistol (without the semi-automatic part…)
Loading is much better (not one ruined dart, unlike when I owned a longshot or with my friend’s recon)
Slam fire. Prior to purchase, I didn’t exactly know what they meant by “slam fire,” but when I found out, I was hooked. This probably makes this the N-Strike gun with the fastest rate of fire (without requiring 6 d-cell batteries…)
Since I purchased before Sept. 30th, I’m ellegible for 50 free darts from Hasboro.

However, there is one major drawback (and a couple minor ones):
Firing does vary. By this, I mean that one shot it could have a range of 30 feet, while the very next shot could just fall to the ground after leaving the barrel, and this doesn’t seem to depend on single shot or slam fire mode.
Minor detail: modifying the blaster to remove the air restrictor proves a bit more difficult, since I can’t seem to seperate the barrel components to get to the air restrictor.


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